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Tired of form spam?

Get spam-free forms for your website (free)

Thumbnail image of automatically created contact form.

Spambots don't see these forms.

Spambots can't spam what spambots can't see.

No annoying CAPTCHA. So people don't abandon your forms — and you get more quality feedback.

These spam-free forms comply with the new data protection laws.

Contact forms. Newsletter subscription forms. Surveys. Quizzes. More. Whatever forms you need for your websites.

A spam-free form in minutes

Balloon: Spam-free Forms are invisible to spambots.

Create spam‑free forms in minutes. The forms are an easy "paste one line into your page" installation.

For both WordPress websites and non−WordPress websites.

May I introduce myself?

My name is Will Bontrager and the Spam‑free Form service is a big deal. For 19 years I've been writing software to combat spam. This service employs the most effective method yet.

It simply works.

The forms are spam-free without user inconvenience.

The basic Spam-free Form service is free for:

→ Unlimited forms.

→ Unlimited form use.

→ All domains you own.

Get zero spam from spambots. Also block manually‑submitted spam!

First form automatically created for you

Thumbnail image of automatically created contact form.

When you first log into your new account, a contact form is automatically created for you. Paste one line into your web page where you want the form and you're good to go.

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Login information is emailed directly to you soon after you tap the button.

One sign-up is good for all your domains and as many forms as you need — free.

Spammers appreciate you — until your forms are spam‑free.

Blocking Manually-submitted Form Spam

Spam‑free Form can prevent both auto-submitted and manually-submitted form spam.

Invisible to spambots

Spam‑free Forms are invisible to spambots. (more info)

Spambots can't spam what spambots don't see.

Immediately appealing Spam‑free Form features (all free):

Balloon: No annoying CAPTCHA.

→ No annoying CAPTCHA (so people are more likely to use your form).

→ Less form abandonment (so you get more good feedback).

→ Even works on webhosts without email servers (so it's easier for people to get in touch with you).

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Modify forms, add forms, duplicate forms

You can modify forms to match your site's design. Forms can be duplicated. New forms can be made. Fields can be added and removed as appropriate for your form's purpose.

Privacy features

Spam‑free Form privacy features (all free):

→ A link to the Spam-free Form privacy policy for form users. The link is intended as assurance that the new data protection laws are complied with. (So people feel more confident about using your form.)

→ Form submissions are emailed to you directly, never stored on spamfreeform.com servers. (It's your information, not ours.)

→ No cookies are set by spamfreeform.com when a Spam‑free Form is submitted. (We don't need to track your people.)

No GDPR issue

Balloon: No GDPR privacy issue.

As you can see, your privacy policy doesn't need to change to use Spam‑free Form.

There is no GDPR privacy issue with spamfreeform.com form processing because your user's private information isn't stored on the server and cookies aren't set when a form is published or used.

These spam-free forms are in full compliance with the new data protection laws.

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We expect to offer additional features to expand Spam‑free Form functionality in the near future, which you may decide to use for a fee — all optional so the basic service can remain free.

All the features mentioned are free for you to use, right now! (A premium version with more functionality is coming.)

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