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Spam‑free Form WordPress Plugin

Use the Spam‑free Form WordPress plugin to insert a Spam‑free Form into any WordPress post or page, or into a text widget:

  1. You'll find the shortcode you need for the specific form you wish to publish at the Spam‑free Form dashboard.

  2. Paste the shortcode into the post or page, or a text widget, at the spot where you want to publish the form.

That's it. The form will appear and you will be good to go — once you have the Spam‑free Form plugin installed.

Downloading the Plugin

To download the plugin, tap this direct download link.

Installing the Plugin

After the plugin is downloaded, follow these steps to install it. Both succinct and illustrated instructions are available here:

  1. Tap the Plugins menu item at the WordPress dashboard.

  2. At the top left of the Add Plugins section of the page, tap the "Upload Plugin" button.

  3. Upload the plugin file you downloaded earlier and activate it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens when someone uses my spam-free form?

Is Spam‑free Form compatible with GDPR privacy requirements?

Does Spam‑free Form use CAPTCHA?

Using the Plugin

After installing the plugin, paste the shortcode you get from the Spam‑free Form dashboard into a post or page, or a text widget, into the spot where you want the form to be published.

Remember, in order to use the Spam‑free Form WordPress plugin, you need to be signed up.

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