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About Will

Hi. My name is Will Bontrager and I've been making software for websites for over 20 years, since 1997.

During year 1999 I began making software specifically to prevent spam. In fact, the very first issue of the weekly Possibilities newsletter, published on July 27, 1999, provided instructions and software to prevent spambot email address harvesting from web pages.

Much of the software I made since then has had at least some aspects coded for blocking spam or counteracting the effects of spam.

For website forms, my focus has always been on CAPTCHA-free spam prevention. Form users should not be inconvenienced; otherwise, many will abandon the form. Intentionally making it hard or completely blocking something a site owner wants people to use seems misguided.

Balloon: Spam-free Forms are invisible to spambots.

The Spam‑free Form service is based on the latest form spam prevention software that won't inconvenience form users. It employs a completely different spam solution, one that renders the forms invisible to spambots. Spambots can't spam what spambots don't see.

If you prefer to install software on your server instead of using the Spam‑free Form service, two form-handling software titles that continue to be maintained and perform as good as they ever have are the Perl CGI Master Form V4 and the PHP Master Form .PHP. Both have built-in form spam protection. Both are effective. Neither uses CAPTCHA that inconveniences the form user.

Take advantage of my expertise. Sign up to use Spam‑free Form.

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