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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy addresses the three categories of spamfreeform.com users:

In this document, those user categories are addressed in reverse order.

Form Users:

When you use a Spam‑free Form, information you provide for submission is immediatly sent to the email address of the account holder who provided the form for your use. None of it is ever stored on the spamfreeform.com server.

Spamfreeform.com uses no cookies for processing the information you submit with a Spam‑free Form.

Spam‑free Forms are submitted method POST. Thus, the information you provide for submission isn't ever recorded on standard spamfreeform.com server logs. The standard server logs do record non-personally identifying information, like your IP address (which is also used to respond to your browser's requests), for a permanent record of server activity.

In other words, no personally identifying information (or any other information you proactively provide for submission with a Spam‑free Form) is ever recorded or stored anywhere on the spamfreeform.com server or in a spamfreeform.com cookie.

Account Holders:

As a Spam‑free Form account holder, your personally identifying information is stored on the spamfreeform.com server. The information is used to deliver the services associated with a Spam‑free Form account.

When an account is cancelled and cancellation confirmed, the account's personally identifying information is removed from the spamfreeform.com server within 10 business days.

Your personally identifying information is not sold, leased, or given away.

Cookies are used for maintaining your login to the dashboard and for assisting with dashboard navigation.

Spam‑free Forms are delivered to your website from the spamfreeform.com server. All form deliveries are recorded on standard spamfreeform.com server logs and also on secondary logs for reasons including usage statistics and spamming attempt detection.

Public Page Users:

Access to public pages at spamfreeform.com is logged in spamfreeform.com's standard server logs. The standard logs are permanent records of server activity.

No public web page access requires personally identifying information. This means spamfreeform.com's standard server logs contain no personally identifying information from public web page access. (Signup for a Spam‑free Form account is on a public web page and requires an email address. The signup form submits method POST to keep the email address out of spamfreeform.com's standard server logs.)

No cookies are used or served when accessing spamfreeform.com public web pages.

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